Telos, a Brazilian publishing company, launched the book Open Letter to the Leaders of the World. It's about Sofia, a 12-year-old girl who is worried about the challenges faced by our planet and decides to write a letter to the leaders of the world. 

Authors: Maria Inês Almeida; Flávia Lins
Illustrator: Fabio Miraglia 

This is the book trailer we produced for the book launch.
The book was released in English and Portuguese.
Translation: Kristina Speaks
We wanted to emphasize, through the animations, the choices made for the illustrations. The leaders were represented in a generic way, which could not be associated with a specific one so it remained timeless. They are dark shadows, they move as if they were one, and the colors are in the children and nature. Throughout the book, some of these leaders start to awaken to reality and participate, and this is also reflected in the colors we chose.
This is one of the first sketches created, which led to the images above.
Sofia is a dreamer, and she offers solutions. You can be part of it!

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