We, the Animals, is a project that we've been working on for a few years now and pitching whenever we get the opportunity to do so. We hope that  we will soon find the right partners and this incredible story will come to life.
It is a drama of Shakespearean proportions, totally based on facts,  with complete acts of bravery...
And heroism.
There is still a lot to be done, but the character design, environment and props are already beautifully developed.
A small part of the huge storyboard.
And this is an animatic we made to present the mood we're aiming at.
Some of the Cross-media products we intend to be making:                          Toys, games, t-shirts and a graphic novel.
The Graphic Novel is already being made and it's getting extremely beautiful.
Get in touch if you want to know more about this project!

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