TotallyMoney is an app-based credit broker on a mission to improve 
the UK’s credit score and help people move on up to a better future. 
St Luke's London created a TV spot which sees our hero, amongst other characters, embarking 
on their journey to better credit and climbing up their own respective ladders towards 
their individual goals, ending with the rallying line “TotallyMoney. You’ll totally get there.”
The animation was produced by in collaboration with Ground Control Studios
and directed by Mateus De Paula Santos

Here are some of the characters and style frames I developed for this campaign.
The bride & bridesmaids
  Father & kids.  The backpacker & his dog.
Style frames

Other studies
Agency: St Luke's London
Director: Mateus De Paula Santos
Executive Producer: Loic Francois Marie Dubois Dubois, Michael Stanish
Producer: Su Constantine
Head of Production: Clara Morelli
Head of Post Production: Marcelo Barbosa
Head of CG: Fabio Shigemura
Team Coordinator: Rosangela GomesCristiane Nascimento Santos
Post Production Producer: Patricia Signorini
Storyboard: Fernando Heynen
Color Script: Pedro Minho
Art Director: Felipe Jornada
Concepts: Fabio Miraglia
Styleframes: Fabio Miraglia, Felipe Jornada, Gabriel dos AnjosMarcio Guerra
Editing: Patricia Signorini
CG Supervisor: Danilo EnokiMarcos Samia
Previs 3D: Danilo Enoki, Marcos Samia
Modeling: Max Beggs, Natan ErnaniOzani FerreiraTiago Mesquita, Willian Silva
Lighting & Render: Annelise CampanaGeorge Damiani
Texture: Ricardo RiamondeRenan Takeshita
Rigging: Gabriel Seiji NakataRafael Dias (Joy), Rafael Kendy Shiva
Simulation: Eduardo Dutra, Gabriel AcacioLuiz Duarte
Lead Animation: Larissa Paz
Animation: André Lorenzini, Camila Xavier Fazolin, Fellype de Oliveira, Gustavo Oes, Karina Chung, Leo Zitto, Michael MaronMendel ReisNicolás Taró
2D VFX: Gabriel dos Anjos, Marcio Guerra, Rômulo Oliveira
Composition: Leandro Pena
Color Grading: Leticia Blanco, Nineteentwenty

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