To launch Havaianas Slides worldwide, Gut Agency created  "Go wild or go home. 
Havaianas Gone Wild", a global campaign without humans. Only with the most hyped animals of all. 
The campaign was produced by Stink Films and directed by The YouthMaldita
It was fun to be part of the process, from the pitch to later creating most of the characters for the short films and posters. Check out the concepts created for this spot.
Some of the first studies and the final character:
Concept art for the KV and the 3D image:
Expressions, poses and details:
The policewoman:
And the final result. 

Client: Havaianas
Product: Slides
Agency: GUT São Paulo
Production Company: Stink Films
Director: YOUTH
DOP: Yuri Maranhão
Animation Director: Maldita
Producer: Daniel Maia e Diogo Gameiro
Styling: Lean Oro
Managing Director: Renata Dumont
Executive Producer: Carolina Junqueira, Camila Martinez, Nathan Marino, 
Marcela Amstalden, Carol Freire e Giovana Sales
Post Production Company: COLOSSAL
Executive Producer: Daniel Maia, Diogo Gameiro
VFX Supervisor: Diogo Gameiro, Rodrigo Stradiotto
Post Production Coordinator: Yasmim Uehara, Karen de Moura
Post Production Assistant: Nicole Lia
Editor: João Machado
Conform / Delivery: Camila Doimo, Victor Balestrin
Motion Graphics Lead: Janaína da Veiga
Motion Graphics: Janaína da Veiga, Marlon Muller
Motion Graphics OOH: Adelir Boeira
Color Grading: Erick Moraes
Compositing: Karlos Schirmer, Diogo Gameiro, Rodrigo Stradiotto
Compositing OOH: Karlos Schirmer
3D Model: FaroVFX
3D LookDev: FaroVFX
3D Simulation: FaroVFX
3D Animation: FaroVFX
VFX Supervisor: Juan Tigreros
VFX Executive Producer: Pablo Fernandez
3D Coordinator: Beenkenk Rodriguez
Additional 3D Model and LookDev Stills: Sergio Filho
3D Model, Animation e LookDev OOH: Leandro Beltran
Retouch: Henrique Dalio, Rodrigo Bernardelli, Lívia Rabelo, Wilson Guimarães.
Storyboard: Walfrido Monteiro, Bruno Rosal
Concept art Lead: Fabio Miraglia
Concept art: Rômulo de Oliveira, Will David, Katan Walker, Rafael Fernandes, 
Sergio Filho, Bruno Cornelsen, Fabio Miraglia, 
Renan Motta Lima, Bruno Rosal, Ken, Rodolfo Garcia, Daniel Cramer, Maycon.
Finances COLOSSAL: Iza Lubiazi
Production Coordinator Stink: Paula Macedo, Rafael Rocha, Mariana Kerche, Amanda Grell, Melina Matuoca
Finances Stink: Lucas Bucater, Flávia Galhardo
Post Production Coordinator Stink: Roberta Bruzadin, Igor Luiz
Music Production Company: Hefty
Producer: Edu Luke, Cris Botarelli, Otávio Cavalheiro, Celso Moretti, Tuco Barini e Rud Lisboa.
Account: Debora Carvalho , Amanda Froes e Thais Gazoli
Coordinator: Larissa Durante e Susi Rodrigues

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