To launch Havaianas Slides worldwide, Gut Agency created  
"Go wild or go home. Havaianas Gone Wild", a global campaign without humans. 
Only with the most hyped animals of all. 
The campaign was produced by Stink Films and directed by The Youth & Maldita
It was fun to be part of the process, from the pitch to later creating most of the characters for the short films and posters. Check out the concepts I created for the Lion spot.
Client: Havaianas
Product: Slides
Agency: GUT São Paulo
Production Company: Stink Films
Director: YOUTH
DOP: Yuri Maranhão
Animation Director: Maldita
Producer: Daniel Maia e Diogo Gameiro
Styling: Lean Oro

Managing Director: Renata Dumont
Executive Producer: Carolina Junqueira, Camila Martinez, Nathan Marino, Marcela Amstalden, Carol Freire e Giovana Sales
Post Production Company: COLOSSAL
Executive Producer: Daniel Maia, Diogo Gameiro
VFX Supervisor: Diogo Gameiro, Rodrigo Stradiotto
Post Production Coordinator: Yasmim Uehara, Karen de Moura
Post Production Assistant: Nicole Lia
Editor: João Machado
Conform / Delivery: Camila Doimo, Victor Balestrin
Motion Graphics Lead: Janaína da Veiga
Motion Graphics: Janaína da Veiga, Marlon Muller
Motion Graphics OOH: Adelir Boeira
Color Grading: Erick Moraes
Compositing: Karlos Schirmer, Diogo Gameiro, Rodrigo Stradiotto
Compositing OOH: Karlos Schirmer
3D Model: FaroVFX
3D LookDev: FaroVFX
3D Simulation: FaroVFX
3D Animation: FaroVFX
VFX Supervisor: Juan Tigreros
VFX Executive Producer: Pablo Fernandez
3D Coordinator: Beenkenk Rodriguez
Additional 3D Model and LookDev Stills: Sergio Filho
3D Model, Animation e LookDev OOH: Leandro Beltran
Retouch: Henrique Dalio, Rodrigo Bernardelli, Lívia Rabelo, Wilson Guimarães.
Storyboard: Walfrido Monteiro, Bruno Rosal
Concept art Lead: Fabio Miraglia
Concept art: Rômulo de Oliveira, Will David, Katan Walker, Rafael Fernandes, Sergio Filho, Bruno Cornelsen, Fabio Miraglia, 
Renan Motta Lima, Bruno Rosal, Ken, Rodolfo Garcia, Daniel Cramer, Maycon.
Finances COLOSSAL: Iza Lubiazi
Production Coordinator Stink: Paula Macedo, Rafael Rocha, Mariana Kerche, Amanda Grell, Melina Matuoca
Finances Stink: Lucas Bucater, Flávia Galhardo
Post Production Coordinator Stink: Roberta Bruzadin, Igor Luiz
Music Production Company: Hefty
Producer: Edu Luke, Cris Botarelli, Otávio Cavalheiro, Celso Moretti, Tuco Barini e Rud Lisboa.
Account: Debora Carvalho , Amanda Froes e Thais Gazoli
Coordinator: Larissa Durante e Susi Rodrigues

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