Working as a Concept Artist is a precious team experience. Unlike the illustrations I make, that would be like the final plate that arrives for someone to taste, concept art  is like the creation of the ingredients of a recipe. It requires a more complete understanding of the function my design will play in the end production and how they meet the needs of the whole. As such, it fundamentally acts more like a schematic for others to interpret. ​​​​​​​
ALA, A Hope Story
"A Hope Story " is a 60s spot developed by / Vetor Zero in partnership with Hill HollidayThe ADCouncil for the American Lung Association to encourage ex smokers to get scanned for lung cancer.
I was invited to be part of the Visual Development team. 

The first part of the story was about her relationship with smoking, so we drew different situations representing her struggle to get rid of cigarettes. Here is a style frame and a painting test.
Because of such a strong role of the smoke on  the narrative, the directors wanted to treat its effect as if it were an important character in this story. 
So I tried different designs and colors for it.
The turning point comes when the smoke finally makes its move to swallow the protagonist but she struggles and breaks free from it, so I created this scene where the character appears jumping and tearing the smoke, representing the victory against her addiction. 
The last segment of the spot was about her getting old and living a healthy and cancer free life, with bright and warmer colors.  

What a beautiful spot! Well done team! It was great to be part of it. ​​​​​​​

Check it out: https: //

Directors: Altons ( Felipe Machado e Tiago Marcondes) e Mateus de Paula Santos;
Executive Producer: Luis Ribeiro

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