Pictures of the Casa-Grande (Big House)​​​​​​​

This illustration was commissioned by "O Rascunho", to be with an article about
"The Dead Girl", a book by Cornelio Penna.
The drawings below are the details of the girl's dress fabric print. My intention was to express the contrast between the delicacy of a child's life and the brutality of slavery.
Cornélio Pena (1896 – 1956) was a writer from the second phase of Modernism in Brazil. He is the author of the work "the dead girl”, considered one of the best novels in Brazilian literature.​​​​​​​

The narrative of “The Dead Girl” takes place on a large coffee farm in Vale do Paraíba, São Paulo. On the land where it is located, there are about three hundred slaves and several other members.

The abolition of slavery is at hand and everyone is beginning to feel the imminence of the social and economic change it will bring. Meanwhile, the lords of the farm are going through intimate dramas and any resident of the farm is forbidden to comment on the subject, pride and self-esteem are what moves the lords. They have a daughter who dies prematurely under mysterious circumstances.

O Rascunho is a monthly newspaper, dedicated to Literature and headquartered in Curitiba. It was created by Rogério Pereira in 2000 and is considered one of the most relevant literary magazines in Brazil. It has around 40 collaborators, including writers, journalists, professors, literature specialists, and illustrators. I am honored to be among them. 

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